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ICVIT is executing eco friendly affordable sustainable village projects in rural India. These projects will impact the future generations for years to come.

ICVIT is seeking funds as well as volunteers who can share their skills and expertise in various areas.

If you have education or experience in water purification or waste water management or in various areas of rural development and are interested in volunteering your time in rural India, specifically in Punjab or wish to donate to our worthy cause, please contact Dr. G.S Gill at


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Uppal Khalsa, District Jilander
Uppal Khurd, District Jilander

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by Government of Punjab & NRI's

All the finished projects have been funded generously by Government of Punjab. Earlier these projects were funded on 50/50 basis. Later on this formula was changed to 65/35 that is share of Government of Punjab was 65% and that of NRI 35% .Now our last three projects are funded on the basis of 75/25. Although lately the share of Government comes slow but to the credit of Government it has come. Slowness is mostly due to the slowness of lower bureaucracy at the district level. Mostly it has to do with the enthusiasm of deputy commissioner.

Nutshell of Punnricd Scheme


The scheme is now called Punnricd scheme:1 with slight variation.

  • A. NRI/NGO applies to DC of the district concerned with particulars and estimates of the project.
  • B. Deputy Commissioner sets up a commitee called DNRICD. The Members are as follows:
    • Deputy Commissioner of the district concerned - Chairman.
    • The NRI/NGO mainly contributing to the project - Vice Chairman.
    • Member nominated by DC concerned - Secretary.
    • A nominee of the NRI/NGO's mainly contributing to the project - Member.
    • Sarpanch - Member
    • Panch - Member
  • C. The commitee considers the application and make amendments. If neessary and sends the application to NRI commissioner in Chandigarh.
  • D. NRI commissioner submits the applications to PUNNRICD for approval
    • On clearance, Commissioner NRI affairs will transfer funds to DC concerned.
    • Work starts on the project by NRI/NGO.
  • E. DC appoints a panel of retired engineers and independent auditors. Procedure of release of Funds:
    • The NRI's/NRI's spend 12.5% cost of the project i.e.( 50% of their share)
    • NRI's/NRI's then get the work verified by from certified independent engineer and accounts from the independent charted accountant.
    • Apply to DC for release of 37.5% cost of the project (50% cost of govt.share)
    • NRI's/NGO's then will spend this 37.5% and the balance of their share and again work verified by certified engineer and the accounts verified by the charted accountant and present it to DC.
    • DC releases the balance of the funds or apply to NRI commissioner for the balance of funds and once received release the funds without any undue delay.